Breaking Ground

An intro to Starr Companies’ construction insurance practice

As the world's economy slowly rumbles back to life, the construction industry is seeing a sharp increase in new projects breaking ground, from residential to commercial to municipal projects. New skyscrapers are going up in the largest cities of the world, and the construction backlog on projects is hitting new highs at around 8-9 months. But all of this building activity underscores the many risks construction operations face, from insuring the property itself to worker safety to various forms of liability to difficult regulatory environment. Add to this the difficulty in procuring the levels of coverage desired for large projects, and it all leads to an environment where construction insurers must work hard to provide clients not only with the insurance coverage they want and need, but to design support services that help construction firms become safer companies. This white paper covers construction industry trends, an overview of the construction insurance marketplace, Starr Companies' construction program, and the Starr Difference—how Starr Companies provides its clients with a superior level of support and service.

Published Date October 27, 2015 File Adobe Acrobat PDF, 3.9 MB Download