Our dedicated consultants are experts in aviation risk, safety, and security
Serving diverse industries with global market knowledge

We are Starr Consulting Services (SCS), the industry leading consultancy brought to you by world-renowned aviation insurers, Starr Insurance.

As a market leader in aviation insurance, we provide a full range of risk-related services to support you within an ever-changing global risk context.

Our services

Proactive solutions to confront industry challenges

  • Address operational challenges that impact your risk and safety profile
  • Provide pre-loss consulting services to improve your claims record
  • Reduce your exposure to risk that could impact strategic objectives
  • Help your organization to save money through loss prevention
  • Support you by developing a long-term commitment to collaborative partnership

Customized support

From traditional aviation hazards through to workplace wellbeing, our team has a wealth of experience, enabling us to deliver comprehensive consulting services that empower you to reduce risk.

We start by helping you to identify risk sources and hazards. We then suggest or validate mitigations and advise on how to best embed a risk culture across your entire business - a culture that prevents losses, reduces uninsured losses, and lowers insurance costs.

Contact us to arrange a discussion with the relevant expert member of the SCS team.
Head of Starr Consulting Services 
Matt Williams
Phone: +44 020 7337 1261