Flexible solutions that adapt to industry needs
SCS are proud to bring you a comprehensive range of market leading products to help you reduce and manage risk. As the aviation sector continues to evolve, so does our product offering.
Online Tools
  • Network Assurance Platform
  • Wildlife hazard management app
  • Multiple forms of psychological assessment
  • Individual and group risk predisposition assessment
  • Online peer support networks for business aviation and rotary wing pilots
Wildlife Hazard Management
  • Bird strike analysis
  • Wildlife mitigation review
  • Wildlife management training
  • Compliance checks
  • Safeguarding consulting
  • DNA analysis and species Identification
Operational Risk
  • Baggage management review
  • Just safety culture establishment
  • F.O.D. programme
  • Behavioural risk improvement
  • Ground operations standards implementation
  • Ground damage review
  • Operational risk review
  • Management system training
  • Risk safety and resilience training
Impairment Management
  • Staff training
  • Policy and implementation
  • Testing
  • Laboratory analysis
Upset Prevention & Recovery Training
Tools to empower pilots to maintain control over their aeroplanes under all conditions
  • Modular simulator-based training courses
  • Initial & recurrent UPRT courses
  • Skypointer™ iPad eLearning tool
  • Specialised instructor training for UPRT
  • Regulatory compliance support
Final Approach Standardisation Training
Enabling safe and efficient operations across the aviation industry
  • Stabilised approach training
  • Analysis of landing-related incidents & lessons learned
  • Provision of standardised academics focused on approach & landing to all pilots (iPad/LMS)
  • Ground school on approach & landing techniques for a selected group of instructors
  • One module of simulator training for core SME instructors
  • Training of airline’s instructors using competency-based & assessment methodologies
Wellbeing and Mental Health
  • Peer support programmes for safety critical roles
  • Access to a clinical psychologist for ad hoc case advice for HR and pilot managers
  • Mental health awareness and ‘first aid’ training for pilots and their managers
  • Priority clinical assessment and treatment of individual cases
  • Mental health resources and referral pathways for good practice, effectiveness and value for money
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