Operating from North America, Latin America Asia and Europe.

At Starr we value long-term relationships and wish to bring value to our clients.

It is because of this that risk management is a fundamental part of our offering. Starr Risk Engineering have over 100 experienced engineers who operate from North America, Latin America Asia and Europe. We have specialist engineers with many years’ industrial experience in boiler inspection, construction, commercial property, heavy industries, marine, mining, oil & gas, petrochemical and power/utilities sectors.

Working with you and your broker in a collegiate approach, and with input from our underwriting teams, Starr Risk Engineering aim to support your organisation in understanding risk exposure and enhancing risk management standards.

What We Do

We have two objectives regarding Risk Engineering services:

  • Support our underwriters; and
  • Work with our clients on clearly defined risk-reduction goals

Working with Underwriters

The Starr Risk Engineering team’s responsibility is to aid Underwriters in making their decisions for prospective and current clients.

We work closely with our underwriting teams and, using industry-recognised standards, best practices, and in-house Starr services such as Natural Catastrophe modelling, making sure that class-leading decisions can be made quickly and communicated to you and your brokers.

Services Provided
  • Pre-cover surveys
  • Risk survey programmes
  • Development of risk control standards
  • Preparation of risk reduction programmes
  • Advice to clients on implementing risk control initiatives
  • Plan reviews of planned works
Support Clients

We pride ourselves on being able to work closely with clients and brokers in a team environment to develop long-term relations with the aim of reducing risk exposure and improving standards; and a core part of this is understanding your business, through desktop reviews, regular meetings with the corporate risk management team and site surveys.

Starr Risk Engineering having annual review meetings with the corporate risk management team and your broker to review the risk engineering programme, discuss any new corporate initiatives and review any common areas for risk reduction. This work will lead to the preparation of a risk reduction plan, with objectives agreed and realistic timescales set.

Having an agreed plan, with clear objectives, enables risk reduction to be worked on as a long-term project, with Starr, clients and brokers working together in completing works and measuring their success.

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