Peer Support
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Peer support services (PSP) specifically for pilots

Not only is peer support a regulatory compliance requirement for all European and UK based Commercial Air Transport operators*, it is rapidly becoming the benchmark for operators around the world who take the mental wellbeing of their crew seriously. It also helps mitigate the risk this poses to the welfare, safety, and efficiency of their operation.

*EU Reg 2020/745: CAT.GEN.MPA.215

SCS has partnered with world-leading aviation mental health experts in this field and can provide clients with access to a range of sector-specific, compliant peer support programmes.

SCS Peer Support Programmes Description

Administered by the Centre for Aviation Psychology, these programmes cater to an expansive range of specialties within aviation. The dedicated, sector-specific nature of these programmes makes it possible for pilots to speak with trained peers who understand the unique demands of their fields.

Scheduled Airline Peer Support Programme

Rotary Wing Peer Support Programme

Business Aviation Peer Support Programme

Each programme provides confidential, judgement-free support for pilots facing stress.

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