The online learning portal provides virtual training to meet the diverse need of our clients.

It offers an affordable, self-directed learning path covering risk, safety and resilience knowledge. The training is certified and regularly validated through a rigorous assessment process and can be easily added to participant's learning record.

The portal offers foundational courses in periods of 30-45 minutes, optimised for concentration and focus. The content also builds sequentially in the subject areas and the courses are helpfully numbered with a ready progress dashboard for the learner to diagnose their progress and any further commitment required.

A range of courses are available in subjects addressing risk, safety and resilience management.

Any combination of the following courses can be packaged together to address specific organisational learning requirements and the learning need of a client organization's delegate group:

  • Introduction to Risk*
  • Risk Treatment
  • Risk Management*
  • Risk Monitoring
  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Reporting
  • Risk Appetite
  • Business Continuity Management*
  • Risk Assessment
  • Third Party Risk

*Courses are specifically adapted for aviation organisations.

Every client user has a unique, secure web access ID and password into a unique learning path through the content that is established at client level during the setup.


Virtual Delivery
Ideal for disperate organisation or an organisation where culture supports e-learning.
Self-Directed Learning
The learner manages their progress, which fosters continous professional development.
Personal and Confidential
Each learner engages with the content at their own pace and direct themselves through the content confidentially.
Individuals and organisations can track their progress
A dashboard shows the learner's progress through their learning path and training record at client organisation level are available.
Preparation for further learning options
The content prepares participants for more in-depth accredited learning options that are delivered in classroom conditions on-site for clients.
Online Workshops
Option to include virtual MS Teams-based learning reinforcement workshops which support effective learning. Audiences are encouraged to ask questions and benefit from a summary of key lesson objectives addressed.
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