• 09/12/2013
Starr Insurance Companies New Line of Property and Casualty Insurance for Small Businesses

New York, NY

Small businesses account for almost two-thirds of all new jobs created. They also contribute disproportionately to innovation, generating 13 times as many patents, per employee, as large companies do. That’s why when Starr Indemnity & Liability Co. launched StarrBOP™ earlier this year, it targeted the small business sector with a property and casualty offering (for companies with up to 50 employees and up to $15 million in sales) that also includes new ventures.

To spread the word on the advantages of StarrBOP, executives from Starr, including Jennifer Ronan, Director Online Sales & Marketing, General Middle Market, have been attending events across the country to connect with small business owners, many of which are women business owners. Jennifer learned about NAWBO when she visited our booth at last year’s America’s Small Business Summit, which is co-sponsored by NAWBO. She later attended NAWBO’s Women’s Business Conference 2012 in Louisville, Kentucky, as well as the 2013 conference in Miami, Florida.

“We are delighted to use opportunities like the NAWBO conference to promote our product and learn more about our customers and the small businesses women have built,” says Jennifer. “It really piqued my interest to see an association dedicated to guiding, leading and promoting women and small business owners, and when I attended my first conference, it was amazing. Women are willing to share ideas and really help one another in growing and promoting their businesses.”