• 01/07/2013
Starr Insurance Companies Launches Executive Intelligence Brief

Starting this month, Starr Insurance Companies will be launching the Executive Intelligence Brief, which will focus on global economic, political, security and other issues that are critical to any business enterprise trying to operate effectively in a foreign environment, friendly or hostile. Starr has named Jerry Komisar as Vice President of the Global Risk Intelligence unit in charge of this monthly publication. Jerry is a thirty-one year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency where he held numerous senior leadership positions.

The Executive Intelligence Brief is being developed as a service to select Starr clients and will have a distinct focus that will cover most parts of the world on a routine basis. Continuous global coverage will include assessments of business risks -- as well as opportunities -- in Asia, where China is the dominant actor and undergoing a significant leadership transition; in Latin America, which will become more important as a trading partner in the future; in the Middle East, which is a cauldron of violence and instability that is having a significant impact on regional economies; and in Africa, where markets are emerging, but with uncertain potential amidst increasing security risks.

To contact Jerry, please click on the link below.

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