• 15/11/2018
Starr Insurance Companies Announces Partnership with Rabid7 for Cyber Risk Services

New York, NY

Starr Insurance Companies today announced a partnership with cyber security firm Rapid7, Inc. (NASDAQ: RPD) to provide Starr’s Cyber Risk Response policyholders with front-end loss prevention services.


Through this arrangement, Starr policyholders can obtain a complimentary external network vulnerability scan from Rapid7 that identifies network vulnerabilities and threat exposures and outlines recommendations to remediate those risks. In addition to the loss prevention services, Rapid7 will also be Starr’s preferred provider for Cyber Security response services in the case there are network security or privacy incidents.

“Network security vulnerabilities are weaknesses that bad actors can exploit,” said Shiraz Saeed, national practice leader - cyber risk. “Providing organizations with deeper insight and data around their network vulnerabilities is critical to helping them identify, test and analyze these potential security issues faster and more efficiently. We have partnered with Rapid7, an industry leader in Cyber Security, to ensure our policyholders have access to resources that can help keep their networks secure.”

“Today’s security teams are increasingly understaffed and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work that's required to keep their organizations secure," says Todd Lefkowitz, vice president of global services at Rapid7. “It’s critical these teams not only have a clear picture of their threat exposures but the ability to react quickly to suspected compromise. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Starr Insurance Companies to provide their customers with our best-of-breed Threat Analysis and Incident Response capabilities.”