Full to the Gunwales

An intro to Starr Marine

Some 95% of all commerce travels on the water at some point, making the maritime shipping industry one of the most important in the world. Indeed, the very first insurance policies were crafted to protect ships at sea, and today, marine insurers are still hard at work to help protect commercial marine companies protect against losing ships at sea, piracy, cargo theft, fire and a host of other risks. But as container vessels are getting utterly enormous, innovating ways to manage the risks that come with such huge hull values and cargo values is putting marine insurers to the test. This white paper covers commercial marine industry trends, an overview of the marine insurance marketplace, Starr Companies’ marine insurance program, and the Starr Difference—how Starr Companies provides its clients with a superior level of support and service.

Published Date October 27, 2015 File Adobe Acrobat PDF, 3.4 MB Download