Casualty Overview

Starr Underwriting Agents Limited offers Casualty coverage in the Construction, Energy and General Liability segments. Starr provides coverage on both Primary and Excess Layer basis, working with UK and International clients. The team specialises in building long-term relationships with brokers to provide innovative solutions to enable them to service their clients’ needs.

We have available to us a highly skilled team of risk engineers who have experience in the oil and gas, petrochemical, power, construction and utility sectors. They have the ability to assist with hazard control, training and inspection and maintenance programmes.

We also have the capability of writing US domiciled business through the London market via our US Desk.

Our dedicated inhouse claims professionals have significant experience across all lines and will handle claims in a prompt and efficient manner to expedite a satisfactory conclusion.

Industry Segments:

Energy Casualty:

  • Types: Primary and Excess - General, Products and Pollution Liability
  • Target Industries: Refineries, Power Generation, Utilities, Chemical Processes, Heavy Industry, Petrochemical, Chemical, Exploration and Production (both onshore and offshore)
  • Capacity: up to USD 25m

Construction Casualty:

  • Types: Primary and Excess Liability
  • Annual and project policies with a maximum contract period of up to 72 months plus 24 months maintenance period.
  • Target Industries: Infrastructure and Civil Contractors, Institutional, Residential and Commercial projects (schools, universities, hospitals, warehouses, offices, mixed use, power plants) and Municipality projects
  • Up to 12 years policy period on single projects
  • Capacity: up to USD 25m

General Casualty: 

  • Types: Primary and Excess - General and Products Liability
  • Binders, facilities and schemes
  • Target Industries: Manufacturing, Retail, Public Sector, Construction (annual), Engineering, Hospitality and Transportation
  • Capacity: up to USD 25m

Environmental Impairement Liability:

  • Types: Primary and Excess – Site, Contractors, Transport Pollution Liability, GL/EIL Combined
  • Target Industries: Waste & Recycling Management Facilities, Manufacturing Facilities, Power Generation, Projects, Chemical Manufacturing, Commercial Properties, Warehousing, Real Estate Portfolios, Mining, Upstream & Downstream Energy Operations, Environmental & Non – Environmental Contractors & Consultants, Logistics Operators
  • Capacity: up to USD 25m